Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flower Fairies birthday party

I am  finally posting about my daughter's birthday.
It was on a Saturday in June.
Because we all love fairies, the beautiful Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies were the theme.
I tried  to stick with the theme as much is possible, with some variations.
I saw a cute fairy ring cake and toadstool cupcakes at Cathy Gaubert's blog.
Also, I loved the idea of girls sitting on toadstools that I saw on flickr.
So, I had to mix Flower Fairies with toadstools.
We got the Flower Fairies Postcard book at Amazon. It is a cute little book with 30 postcards that you can tear off. They are so cute that I had a hard time picking the ones to send to the guest as invitations. I had some left that I used on frames and on plants - Lavender fairy on a lavender plant, Rose fairy on a rose plant and so on.
I made a Flower Fairy costume for my birthday girl... and she was so cute!
We live in an apartment, but I was able to use a little bit of space outside.
I made almost everything for the party. I love to make things for my sweetie and we had a small budget .
I think this cake was not only a very cute idea but also great for someone like me with no talents on cake decorating.
The fairy is an ornament from San Francisco music box that I already had.
My friend Jodie made the wooden mushrooms.

I made a Fairy Garden using a bowl, a silk plant, Spanish moss, two big mushrooms from World's Market, more of Jodie's mushrooms and another Flower Fairy ornament from San Francisco Music box.

The fairy wand cookies were made by my friend Anniece. I gave one to each girl as they left .
I made a little bag with their name on  for each girl . They put the prizes they got after each game in it. They also took home their felt "toadstool".
The party favors were fabric yo-yo hair clips, bead bracelets, crayons and gummy candies.
I hanged some paper tag ornaments (freebie from a card making magazine) on silk flowers and twigs that I put on a pitcher.
I got the Flower Fairies mobile online. It is decorating my girl's  room now.
We had a hard time choosing the games.
The birthday girl has some limitations because of her condition. We needed fun games with no running or jumping.
We decided  to have Packing for Fairy Land, Spin the fairy wand and Fairy freeze. We planned two crafts but had time only for one.
The food was finger food ... fairy food. Strawberries, grapes, melon, veggies and cheese sandwiches in a flower shape.
The girls had a great time and I had so much fun planning and making my cutie's special day.

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  1. Hello McCool family! How are you guys doing! Brenda is getting prettier and prettier! I love your fairy party you had for brenda, it is so adorable and beautiful! We are now in utah! Costa Rica was actually more expensive than california! crazy huh? well we miss you guys tons and hope you are having a wonderful begining to the holiday season! p.s. can you send me your address?