Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last Year.

Hello! Last year I made a lot of projects, did many things with my family, but was not able to post everything.
So, today I will try  to post some things, just for record.

The first ones are these fleece blankets. They are for Brenda's bed. Both are reversible.
The blue and white is on her bed right now, and it's very soft. The floral has a green back and it's also very soft. About two  years ago, we got a nice blanket for her bed at the store,but  she suddenly  got watering eyes and a running nose. After a couple of days we figured out that was the blanket. It went to Salvation Army and I made these ones for her. No more allergies.

For Brenda's baptism last June, I made cupcake liners from paper doilies. My friend Wynter made the cupcakes.

For her Baptism I also made the little satin bolero to match her dress. The dress is from Burlington Coat Factory.

For Colorful Clothes Day at school I made Brenda a new dress.

I also made some new hairbands.

As a birthday gift, I turned two of Brenda's cute old dresses onto new dresses for her American Girl doll Felicity. Ooops! Felicity was wearing the pink dress when I took the pictures. The lavender one inside the trunk is her original dress. I also made the thunk. The basket is from Great-grandma's. I used a lovely Laura Ashley fabric for the inside. I can't find pictures of Felicity wearing the new dresses.

I finally made the rainbow pencil roll, also for her birthday.

And a CTR towel for her Baptism using another of her sweet old dresses.

The last handmade gift,  was this set of scripture bag and cover that  I made using a lovely flower fairies fabric. In our religion is a tradition the child get a nice set of scriptures on her Baptism day. Brenda's Grandpa gave hers.

And I did more sewing :)  A cover for a bowl. Great for potlucks!

I worked on a couple of skirts for Brenda.
And for Christmas I made for her this sweet little doll that she named Daisy Rose. Her skirt is from another of Brenda's old dresses. I got the doll pattern on Etsy, and it was fun to make her.

Now, we did many things as a family this last year.

We went to the Children's Tumor Foundation Racing for Research Party On January.

And to the San Diego Walk on Fall.

We also went to the Highland Games, as we do every year. It was fun, they were promoting the movie Brave!

Even living near Disneyland we don't go there often. When we go is a real treat for Brenda.
This time it was amazing. Always is, but somehow things worked better than ever. The characters were just lovely. Such kind sweet people, that take the time to make a child feel special. They do a wonderful job! Oh! I made the top Brenda is wearing at Disneyland!
But, the highlight of the year was the trip to Brazil in August,  to visit my family.

Well. That's a huge post, but I guess I was able to show some of the things we did in 2012. There is a lot more, but I think I am fine now.
I will try very hard to post more often this year.  And to craft more.
Since we still in January, Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful day!
Ana Paula.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New year!

Hi! Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New year to all!
I really need to catch up on my blogging.
Anyways, here are some stuff I made recently.
I used a wood box I found at Salvation Army to make this Christmas Shadow Box (?)
I really don't know how to call this. But we love it!
It was fun to plan and gather all the little things for the scenes. I had some help from Brenda. Some stuff I had on hand, but we had to go "hunt" for just the right things to complete the little scenes.
I made the pompom snowman and the little girl on red felt cape. The mini water globe is there because I could not find a perfect size Santa. Brenda's picture is from about four years ago, and is one of my favorites.
I wanted to make this shadow box  for some time now, and I am so happy I finally did! I jumped for joy when I found just the perfect little box at Salvation Army!

Another project I wanted to make for a couple of years and was able to acomplish this year.
I had this space by The Christmas tree. I have Cross Stitch Samples I hang on this spot for all three other seasons, but not winter :(   Every year I had to hang something too small for the space.
This Christmas I decided to take action and do something about it.
I got the Holly Jolly Christmas fabric from Robert Kaufman and fussy cuted the pictures.The red and green fabrics are batik.
I just love the fabrics and was a good experience "designing" this wall hanging.
I am not a quilter (yet), and I  don't have a fancy sewing machine.  It is always a bit challenging for me to piece and machine quilt even a small simple quilt like this one.
But I keep trying, and I am very happy with the results.
Now, I have just the right thing on the wall!
And since I am talking about fished projects, we also finished the white shelf behind the tree.
It is a hand me down that was looking so bad! Even with the bad weather, (we are having frost many nights now) we finished painting  just in time to hang the stockings. That's our pretend fireplace mantel :)
I still have to make burlap boxes to fit on the shelves to hide my old VHS movies. That's a never ending list of projects!
I have some more things to show, but I really need to do laundry.
Have a wonderful day!
Ana Paula.