Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures

I love thrift stores! It's so exciting to look around and find something that you love!
I go often to Salvation Army, both for donating stuff and to shop.
Other day, we decided to go to Goodwill, and it was such a good idea.
I really love this cubby shelf from Pottery Barn. It looks so pretty on this picture.

And guess what? I was lucky to find this very similar shelf at Goodwill !!!

Close enough, even with only 20 cubbies. Just $15.00.
I am planning to use it to display cross stitch ornaments and seasonal trinkets, like at the banner on the  Little House Needleworks website.

Looks lovely with Diane's ornaments, don't you think?

And I found more...

I know...this looks so ugly! But I see potential here. My husband can't understand why:)

Much better without  the junk inside.

I also found this, that will be used for a project soon.

My last treasure is this unused muffin pan, with some scratches, but very good quality.
It was a great shopping day!
Now I need to work on some new cross stitch ornaments... have to find the time!
And one last thing:  a picture of  my lovely tulips.

Have a wonderful day!

Ana Paula.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sewing and Valentine's Day

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! We had a great day yesterday with lots of flowers! I just love these red tulips!
And look at the gorgeous pink roses my husband gave me.

Talking about Valentines, a while ago I made this table runner to donate to The Children's Tumor Foundation .

I had a hard time working with the batting. I will never get that stuff again. I am so used with cotton batting, that's the way to go.
I need to make a Valentine table runner for my side board. I had no time this year.
Right now, I am sewing some new clothes for Brenda. She is growing like a weed (a very cute weed), and outgrowing all her church dresses.
I have a big problem finding nice and affordable clothes for her now. Clothing people have no idea how a girl 8 and up should dress. Not like a teenager! And most of the teen stuff is not good anyways.
I will be making her a couple of new dresses and blouses, but for now I made some new skirts.
They are all very simple. This one has two layers.
And these two are made of very light corduroy.

This is the last one. Pink corduroy.
Some of the fabric I had for a while. I am working hard to use my fabric and declutter my place.
Now I have some Spring /Summer skirts to make.

Have a great weekend!

Ana Paula.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I finally have a finish!
This is a very small and simple finish, but I always loved this pattern.
It comes from one of my old cross stitch magazines from Brazil, and I believe it was originally from The Cross Stitcher, but I am not sure.

I love the bit of ribbon embroidery mixed with the cross stitch.
I had finished the stitching a while back but could not decide how to finish it. Seems like an eternity since I finished a cross stitch project.
Organizing my stitching stuff other day, I found the little hanger my friend Jodie gave me a couple of years ago, and here you go,I made a tiny mini quilt!
I know, the polka dot fabric was not being nice to of those days. The dots are wonky, but I like it anyways.  And with the cold we are having here in Southern California, daffodils make you think of Spring.  I am starting to work on my little garden already.

Have a wonderful day!

Ana Paula.