Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring and a Small Finish.


This is just my second post this year! I need do a little  better with my blog.
I have being busy.  We made some changes here at home, moving things around, and it took time.
We also had some unplanned happenings.   Brenda developed a crack on her tibia...  with this, more restrictions for her. She has to take it very easy.
Her leg is so fragile, the poor thing hardly do anything, and these things still happen. It is heartbreaking to see her going through all this. We did all we could to avoid a surgery.
After many prayers, things are improving.
The crack is healing, and she is getting a new brace. Now she uses it even for sleeping, until her doctor tells otherwise.

Even with all these tribulations, she is a happy child, so loving and good, and we do all we can to cheer her up. She got new books, that always keep her busy, and of course, the movie Frozen.
During this time she read Heidi and Pollyanna, among many others. Just lovely books for girls.
Now, a little stitching and some other spring things.
We are decorating for Spring and I made a little cross stitch picture.

The design is by Veronique Enginger, on 28 count linen.
I think she is adorable. I found this little green frame at Michael's that was just the right size.

Now she is one of the items in my cubby shelf.

I just love Spring and Easter decorating! I made this simple bunny silhouette other day.

Very simple, you just paint the bunny on burlap using a stencil, frame it, and glue a pompom for the tail.

And, speaking of bunnies, here is my new Peter Rabbit shadowbox.
I found it at Salvation Army for just over a dollar! Peter is my favorite bunny ever.

Other day I got this bag at the bookstore.  I know it's for kids, but I could not resist. I love it!
That's all for now. I have a pile of laundry waiting for me and I need to work a little on my garden.
It's sunny and we have a cold wind here in Southern California. We also had an earthquake last Friday, a 5.1
So, we are reorganizing our emergency stuff...scary!
Have a good day, and a Happy Spring!

Ana Paula.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pinwheel Table Runner

Hello, and Happy New Year!

I while ago I made a new table runner.

I used some red polka dot fabric I got in Brazil.

It was made to fit the new Ikea shelf behind the couch.
The piecing is not perfect, but I love how the table runner turned out.

And I made a felt garland for Brenda's room, inspired by this one from Nana Company.
Brenda had the visions of sugarplums dancing in her head :)
She had a great Christmas, and  even a special tree in her room.

This sweet lady gave Brenda several Barbie Hallmark ornaments, enough for her to have her own Barbie tree.

Our girl loves Christmas, and we try our best to make it meaningful and memorable for her.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ana Paula.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Over two months since my last post. That's bad.
But, I made a lot of things during this time.
I made several aprons to sell at a shopping night at Brenda's school.

I sold some, and listed the rest on Etsy.
Some were sold, some were given as Christmas gifts.
I made some for little girls too.

They were fun to make and are fun to wear. Brenda and I got a matching set.
I will post some more things I made soon.
Have a great week and a happy new year!

Ana Paula

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Crafts

Today I want to share some new things I made for fall.

Hoje eu quero compartilhar umas coisas novas eu fiz para o outono.

First I made three little  fabric pumpkins. They are just a circle of fabric gathered and filled with polyfill. I hot glued cinnamon sticks for the stems.

Primeiro eu fiz tres aboboras de pano.. Elas foram feitas com um circulo de pano franzido e cheias com polyfill. Eu colei canela em pau com cola quente para as hastes.

I love Clothespin dolls. I decide to make some to put in my cubby shelf. Here is the witch.

Eu adoro bonecas feitas de pregadores de roupa. Eu decidi fazer algumas para colocar na minha prateleira. Aqui esta a bruxa.

And here is a fall girl.

E aqui esta uma menina do outono.

And two fall gnomes.

E dois gnomos de outono. 

They are all living together in my cubby shelf.

Eles estao todos morando juntos na minha prateleira.

This is my " Halloween Village". Little boxes from the dollar tree.

Essa 'e minha via Villa de Halloween. Caixas da loja dollar tree.

I got four different houses. The trick or treaters  are from my husband's Playmobil collection.

Eu tenho quatro casas diferentes. Os trick or treaters sao da colecao de playmobil do meu marido.

I love how it looks!

Eu amo minha prateleira decorada para o outono!

I have this bear for a while. She used to be some kind of country bear from Boyd's Bears, very cute, but I wanted a witch bear. So, I gave her old outfit for Brenda's dolls and made this new one. She became a witch! I made the hat and the dress. Her costume matches one that Brenda has. I will post pictures another day.

Eu tenho essa ursinha faz um tempinho. Ela era uma ursinha country muito bonitinha, mas eu queria uma ursinha bruxa. Eu dei a roupa velha dela para a Brenda usar nas bonecas dela e fiz uma nova para a ursa. Ela se transformou numa bruxa! Eu fiz o chapeu e o vestido. Essa fantasia de buxa combina com uma que a Brenda tem. Eu vou postar as fotos outro dia.

My husband thinks she looks like a fairy godmother witch. I think she is a cutie.

Meu marido acha que ela parece com uma bruxa fada madrinha. Eu acho que ela 'e lindinha.

One last thing I made. A family Home Evening board. The families at our church have a special evening every week set aside for spiritual family time. This board will help us to get organized with our assignments.

A ultima coisa que fiz. Uma placa para Noite familiar. Em nossa igreja toda semana as familias tem uma noite espiritual com a familia.  Essa placa vai nos ajudar a organizar as nossas designacoes.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

Ana Paula.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Dance!

Here she is, Priscilla from Lizzie Kate's Pair O' Pilgrims!

The fabric I used to finish her is different from the one I used to finish Miles. It's  a golden brown color.

As on Miles, I made some color changes and used less buttons than  the pattern suggested.
The buttons are so cool! The pie button was the first one I got on e-bay. I was able to get the others latter from another e-bay seller getting just the ones I liked. It was way more affordable than getting the button pack .

I think she is so pretty holding her pie, and I am very happy that I finished both pilgrims in time for Thanksgiving.

Also, not being an American born, it was fun doing some research on the real Miles and Priscilla.
Such strong and corageous people!
Anyways, I love to look at them, but had to put these guys away until after Halloween.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a great weekend.

Ana Paula.