Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ivy Letter Topiary

I wanted to make a big initial  letter to display on a shelf , and when I found this cool idea
on  Family Fun magazine, I  decided to give it a try.
Great gardening craft to make with kids!
My problem was to find a rectangular pot that fitted inside a pretty container. Good luck on that!
So, I got two small ivy plants on two pots,and put inside a loaf bread pan as you see above.
When it is on the shelf, nobody will see inside, right?
I made the letter using sticks and twine. The magazine asked for 12-gauge covered floral wire, but the sticks worked better for me.
Now I need to be patient and wait the ivy grow and cover the letter. As it grows, I will tie it on the sticks.
Let me tell you, next time I will start with longer ivy plants. :)
If you don't have the magazine and want to make it, you can find the directions at the Family Fun website.
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Ana Paula.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cross Stitch Spring Sampler

I have done lots of organizing and cleaning around our home. It is a never ending job. But I found some time for gardening and  sewing.
Today I have something special to show you, my latest sewing project.
The pictures came out a little odd... I think was the angle, but here it is.
Pretty, isn't it? I love this Janlynn pattern. I had to have it.
No, I did not stitched it, I have to tell you the truth. I have done big patterns before,but nothing as big as this.
I think I  would take the rest of my life to complete something this detailed because I am a very slow stitcher.
Since I wanted this sampler badly, I cheated and got a finished one on e-bay. It came from Canada and is beautifully done by a exceptionally talented cross stitcher.
It is a very exquisite design. A collage style sampler including all the spring holidays, gardening and even spring cleaning.
I tried to frame this the way I always do, getting a frame and a mat at Michael's, but it did not work. I had it for over two years and finally decided to make it into a quilted wall hanging.
It was hard work for me. I really love quilts, and admire people that can quilt especially because I cannot really do it. I wanted to make a fancy wave border and make  seams to machine quilt it.  I did it after several attempts. It was the first time I did a quilted border like this. It is not perfect, but I am very pleased with the results.
I think is great when you go out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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Ana Paula

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cross Stitch Lavender Sachet

I love lavender. My sister in Brazil loves it too.
I am sending her a late birthday gift, and decided to include a lavender sachet.
The pattern is from Rico Designs. I made some changes. It was charted for Anchor, but I found  a conversion chart for DMC online.
Another change I made: A ribbon bow instead of the cross stitched  from the original.
I used lavender satin for back and lower part of the front. I also used some lace and tiny beads to add a little more to this very simple design.
I added lavender buds to the filling. I am sure she will like it. :)  Smells wonderful.
Now, I need to make one for me too!
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Ana Paula.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Selvage Pillow

Some time ago I had a post about some pillows I wanted to make.
This week I checked one out of my to do list! Here is how it turned out.
Since I found the Selvage Blog I wanted to make something "selvage".
I started collecting the selvages (fabric borders).
I had more than enough for a pillow.
First, I cut a piece of muslin  of the size I wanted for the finished pillow. Then, I started putting the selvages over it, overlapping the frayed edges until I was happy with the look.
 After that I used the rotary cuter to make the strips of fabric even with the muslin base.
Then I started  to sew the selvages on the muslin base. Sorry about the blurry picture.

It is an easy and fast project.
I made the back. I used a natural cotton fabric. After sewing front and back together, I turned it and inserted a pillow form.

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Ana Paula