Saturday, July 30, 2011

A late cross stitch finish

I have a new small finish to share. This is Celebrate the 4th,  a freebie from Glory Bee.
I know, I am very late. But, as my husband said, I am getting a head start for next fourth. :)

I changed some of the colors and because the star button I had was too big for the flag, I put it on the yo-yo fabric instead.
I am happy with the way it looks. I love the pattern. You can find it here . They have some more nice freebies there.
We have been so busy doing "summer stuff", but this is another post.
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Ana Paula.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi! I am so behind on my cross stitching. So many other things going on!
I want to show you today a piece that I made years ago, and found it stored with my summer stuff.
The pattern is from Manequim Ponto Cruz, a Brazilian magazine. There is no indication of the designer, but I sure is an American designer.
The Magazine has the chart for the complete alphabet. I used the letters to spell Home Sweet Home.
I first had it framed, and more recently I made it into a hanging pillow.

Now I need to work on some ornaments and other things.
I just got some new patterns on e-bay.
I was lucky enough to get all the Lizzie Kate Flip it  stamps for a bargain!
Because I am working on other projects,  for now I am not starting these.
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Ana Paula.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July !

Hello! Hope you have a great and safe Fourth of July!
I just want to share my patriotic stuff.  Just little things scattered here and there. Next year I will plan better.
These I have out all year long. I only put them away on Christmas.
Being a double nationality family, (American and Brazilian) we try to have a little display of both countries in our living room. It is on the top of the bookcases. I will show the Brazilian display in the future.
The flag pillow Is from Boyd's and I got it for Christmas some years ago. I just love the little bear
coming out .
This is Mason, a cookie jar also from Boyd's. Of course I never put cookies in it. He is the cutest thing, I love him.

More bears... this time a little family watching the fireworks.
Now, Uncle Sam. I found him last year after Christmas at World Market.
I decided to display him for Fourth of July instead of Christmas.
Now, the last one. She is a sweetie. 
Can you tell how I love Boyd's Bears? I can't resist to something like her.
Brenda loves her too. But she knows she is not supposed to play with Mom's bears.

I truly love my country and I am very proud of being Brazilian. But I chose to live in America and I have an American husband and daughter.
I live here for almost nine years now, and about three years ago I became an American Citizen.
Brazil allows double citizenship. So, I am half - half.
I come a long way. Learning a new language and a new culture it is not easy. I do the best I can.
Sometimes my English is a disaster, I apologize for that.  But I keep going. Practice makes perfect, right?
I try to teach Brenda what I can about Brazil, but I find it very important to teach her to love her country and to know how blessed she is for being born and live here.
Let's celebrate America !

Thanks for stopping by,
Ana Paula.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patriotic Bandana Bunting

I wanted to make a patriotic bunting so badly. I have seen so many all over blogland, made of all kinds of materials. I decided for a bandana bunting.
I could not find red white and blue bandanas with the same print.  I used what I got.
This is a very easy project. The hardest part is deciding what part of the bandana to use.
I had one bandana of each color and used the corners for the red and blue and the sides for the white. I cut the triangles, sew right sides together and turned.
For hanging, I got a package of bias. I tucked the triangles in the fold of the bias, pinned and sewed from one end to the other of the bias. I made knots on the ends. That's it!
I don't have a mantel or anything like that, so I hanged it above my living room window.
I like how it looks. A little patriotic touch.

Another thing I wanted to show you is Brenda's birth announcement.
I had it stored away  but other day I found it.
This is an old pattern for a very detailed birth announcement. I don't know the name of the pattern, it is from a Brazilian cross Stitch Magazine called Ponto Cruz Bebe. The original pattern is from Janlynn.
I made some changes, leaving out five chubby babies and the words "Come ... Join the Fun!".
I made only the border with ribbons and birds, that I absolutely love. Her full name and birth date are under the paper. Another change I made was the colors. Had to be pink, of course. The original was mainly  yellow. It was a framed piece. I decided to make a fabric border and turn it into a wall hanging.

It was the first time I made prairie points. I used the same fabrics from which I made Brenda's baby bedding and the rest of her decor.
Even with my poor quilting talents, I think it turned out lovely.
It is a keepsake that we will treasured always.
Ok, our scanner finally decided to work.
Here is the picture from the old Brazilian Magazine.  You can see how different mine is.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ana Paula.