Monday, March 21, 2011

Grandma's 90th birthday party

This weekend we celebrated my husband's grandma's 90th birthday.
She lives alone in her own house at a senior's community in Carlsbad California.
She is in pretty good health for her age.

My father-in-law lives  not very far and checks on her all the time and helps  with doctor appointments and other things that she needs.
We had family and friends over for a celebration at her place's clubhouse.
She was happy to see relatives from Northern California, Utah and Texas.
My step-mother-in-law and I were in charge of the food.
I got the fruits and vegetables, and made some "rose cakes".

I love nordicware pans. I used the "Sweetheart rose pan" for these ones.

I used this lemon bundt cake recipe and they turned out delicious.
I used powdered sugar instead of  glaze.
The pan is beautiful and I love it, but let me tell you ... it is a pain to clean up because all the details it has. If you have a good way to clean it, please let me know.

My princess was truly in love with the " little rose cakes".
Maddie (my step-mother-in-law) had lots of yummy food. She is from Tennessee, a real Southern Lady, that's why.

 I wish I had more pictures of her stuff.

She also had a kids table with lots of activities. I tell you, she is good.
 Here is Grandma with her two "kids".

Some of her guests -  ladies from the senior community.

It was a simple party, but it made Grandma very happy.
I used silk violets for centerpieces. I had them from a previous event we did some years ago. I also had the white tablecloths from the same event.
My husband scanned about 200 pictures from grandma's albums for a slide show. He scanned even her wedding invitation.

We had tables with the albums for the guests to look at. A lifetime of memories.
I think it was a sweet celebration. We are all glad that we were able to do it for her.
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Ana Paula

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A couple of new projects: St. Patrick's Subway Art and Primary Theme

I got the flu. Not fun.
I want to share a couple of speedy projects I made recently.
First this St.Patrick's Subway Art.  The frame is from Ikea. I got the subway art for free here .
You can find lots more here and here .

My second project is this year's Primary theme. I made it for Brenda's room.
At my church, the Sunday School for kids 3 - 11 is called Primary.
Every year we have a theme. This year is "I know the scriptures are true".
Valerie, from Occasionally Crafty made this cute printable. You can get it here .
My frame is from the 99 cents store. I made the roses using scraps .
Flamingo toes has a good tutorial for the roses and another lovely project here .
Very easy and fun projects! Now, I need to work on the hard ones.
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Ana Paula

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some pretty pillows I want to make.

I have so many projects on my to-do list!
The problem is that I keep adding more! :)
I have lots of DIY/ furniture painting on the list. My living room really needs a makeover.
So, I decided I also need some new pillows to change things a bit.
Looking around on blogland I found some amazing ones...
Mercedes in Spain, made this simple but beautiful selvage pillow. You can find her blog here.
I just started collecting selvages.  If you like the idea,take a look at more selvage projects on the Selvage blog.

 I always loved the cathedral window pattern. Since the first time I saw it. Amazing.
You can find many tutorials online. Some made by hand, some involving some machine sewing.
Warmth in the North has a great tutorial here.

And this Rolled rosette pillow using recycled t-shirts! How cool is that?
Wendy, from Craft Goodies made it and tell us how to make this beauty on her blog.

Three beautiful pillows on my list! There is more, but I have to show you another day.
I have some sewing to do!
Thanks for visiting!
Ana Paula.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Making new friends

S.J. at The Homemaker on a Dime is hosting her following party again.
Now is on every first Monday of the month.
This party is a great way to make new friends, find new blogs, and new followers.
Here is the party link. It is lots of fun.

I just found some new awesome blogs.
Visit The Homemaker on a Dime and join the fun!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring and funeral

Here in California spring is almost arriving.
There is a little tree in my courtyard  that looses all its leaves. Spring starts when one day tiny little green leaves appear. Then is like magic...suddenly the little tree is all covered in green. Its a miracle.
These things marvel me. They are not common in my homeland Brazil or even here in Southern California.
I will try to document the transformation this year :)
I got tulips. It is the first time I plant them. They are so perfect and beautiful, and bring me a smile every time I look at them. God's creations are wonderful.
Well, we have being busy.
My husband is the Cub Master at our church troop. We had the blue and gold banquet, and Brenda and I made a cake.
I got the inspiration online and here is our version.
It came out very cute for my bad frosting skills. Sorry about the bad picture. The boys loved the kids on sleeping bags.
They made some other cute cakes with their Moms too.

On the weekend we went to Utah to attend my husband's Grandmother's funeral.
It was cold, cold. Some adventures on the slippery roads.
Grandma was 89 and had a stroke recently. She is resting now.
Brenda liked the snow.
We all enjoyed the beautiful winter wonderland.
So, no time for crafting.
I started on some little things like pillowcases and  repairs yesterday.
I will have some finishes soon, I hope.
Thanks for reading!
Ana Paula.