Thursday, December 15, 2011

Glitter Trees and a Couch Sleepcover!

Hello! I hope you are all having a great day and getting ready for Christmas. I am not ready yet. Still working on some projects.
Recently I got this lovely nativity on e-bay.

We have a Boyds bears and a Playmobil nativity, but I wanted a "real" one.
This is "A King is born" from Lenox, and it was a bargain. It is small, what fits our space and budget. After displaying it on a shelf I decided it needed some kind of background. I choose to make glitter trees.  I got three cardboard cones at Joann's (sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the before).

Some glitter and spray glue...
And there you have it!
Just a little tip: Cover your work area very well with newspaper.  Or use the spray glue  inside a box.
Now, don't you think the nativity looks a lot better? Even with the bad light.
I just love it! I am very happy with my new nativity.

Another  project I made this week.
We have this hand me down old couch that is so old style, but comfy. For now, we are keeping it. I wanted to make a slipcover to hide it, but it was a project way to big for me.
Other day Joann's had fleece for $4.00 a yard. The couch's fabric is some kind of plush. Fleece sticks well to it. I got six yards of beige fleece, made a big blanket from it, and after tucking here and there, here is how it looks now.
I know it is nothing like something from Country Living or a Pottery Barn catalog. But, it works for us. When Brenda arrived from school she said: You got a new couch! I liked the old one! She had to look under the cover to make sure it was the old couch. We added pillows and the Christmas quilt from my previews post, and we are ready to go.
Keep warm,  and thanks for stopping by!

Ana Paula.


  1. Looks so beautiful.

    Now, what is a playmobile nativity? It sounds interesting.

    Somehow I have missed your last post . . must go check it out now.


  2. What a transformation on your couch, Ana Paula! You are so good about recycling and reusing to improve what you already have!! Your glitter trees are such fun and they accent your new Nativity set perfectly...

    I never knew there was a Playmobil nativity set! My sons just loved all those old Playmobil sets--in fact, I still have them all up in the attic :)

    Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas...