Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Cross Stitch Goal for 2012

Some months ago I was able to get a great bargain on e-bay : Lizzie Kate's flip-it stamps.
My goal is make one a month.  I just finished January.
I changed the colors to mostly blue, inspired by this ornament .  The trim is ruched ribbon.
The pattern came with 3 tiny buttons but I decided to use snowflakes instead, like on  the ornament  I was copying :)  But, I was not able to find such small snowflake buttons like hers. I had to use just one.
I finished it as a flat ornament, and the fabric on the background is the one I used on the back of the ornament.
I love this design and I am so pleased on how it looks after finished. I love it!
This has been a busy month, and I am happy I was able to finish it before January is over.
The plan is to display a new ornament on a little easel every month.  Eleven more to go!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ana Paula.


  1. Ha ha!! You'll never guess what piece I was just finishing up. Yep--that little LK snowman. I had stitched him years ago and finally am finishing him into a little pillow... I love your ruched ribbon trim and the idea of displaying each new month on a little easel is perfect, Ana Paula :)

  2. oi ana paula! passeando por blogs de ponto cruz encontrei o seu! vou ficando por aqui como seguidora e voltarei mais vezes! no final de semana volto para passear com mais calma!