Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some Cross Stitch and Other Fun Stuff


The last couple of weeks were quite busy with end of the school year activities. Now Brenda is home and will be another kind of busy...it will be fun!
I was able to finish some ornaments.  Here they are.

The June ornament from Lizzie Kate's  Flip It Stamps series.  It was stitched on 14 count Aida oatmeal with DMC floss. I made several color changes.

Recently I got a couple of new patterns from Creative Poppy.  This little swimming girl is part of "Happy Childhood - Seaside" from Perrette Samouiloff. I love her designs and it's such a treat to be able to buy them online and print at home. The Aida is really light blue, not white as it looks.
 I made the ornament for Brenda to celebrate her swimming classes. Swimming is the only sport the doctor recommends for her, and she loves it!

These two ornaments I made a while ago and had not posted yet. The pattern is a freebie that I can't find the link now. I made the green and pink to give as a baby shower gift, but the blue and pink is mine. I just love it!
Now a little bit of sewing. We were invited to the wedding of a very sweet girl.

I made this casserole carrier  as her wedding gift.

Inside it, I put a Pyrex dish and a Gooseberry Patch cookbook. 

And here is the picture of a little tea party we had for Brenda's birthday. It was sweet and simple, but fun. She loved it.

She got the gifts she wanted, and I made a couple of new things for her room. An origami dress garland for the bookcase, and a little bolster pillow. I love those origami dresses, they are just so cute and so girly, I will be making more soon!
That's all for now. Lots to do around here.
Have a great week!

Ana Paula.


  1. Oh your little girl is so sweet and her tea party and bedroom are gorgeous! Love all the pretty girly colours. Your ornaments and wedding gift are beautifully finished - well done.

  2. Happy Birthday Brenda!
    Her bed looks pretty and sweet. What a nice party.
    You have been busy stitching and sewing. Very, very nice!

  3. love the finishes. The tea party so nice. What girl wouldn't like that.

  4. Wow beautiful ornaments and I love how you trim them with rick rack, I need to try that sometime!

    The tea party looks so lovely.

  5. I hope you and Brenda have a wonderful summer together! How nice to have a girl in the family to craft and do fun things with :)

    Your party for her looks so nice--Happy Birthday, Brenda!! I love the little garland and the tea party theme, too.

    Lovely stitching and nice color changes in the LK, Ana Paula! And the casserole carrier gift package sounds like a perfect present for a new bride--very creative!

    Enjoy your summer!!

  6. Hi Ana Paula, lovely post - such cute stitching and happy birthday to your dear daughter - your afternoon tea looks very enjoyable.