Monday, July 19, 2010

Doll Quilt

I made a special project for my girl last Christmas.
I know, it was a long time ago, but only now I took pictures.
I was inspired by a doll quilt from the magazine Handmade from Australia. The quilt is on the cover.

I changed the size to fit the bed Santa was bringing. Of course, I changed the color and made it pink.  I used scraps from Brenda's quilt. I just love the words on the border.
I did a lot less squares and quilted along the seams.  On Christmas morning, the bed with  mattress, pillow, quilt and a cute dolly were under the tree. My sweetie loved it!

Sara is her favorite doll, and she plays with her every day.
Due to her Neurofibromatosis, Brenda is limited in her playing and activities. She can not jump, run, go on slides, monkey bars, ride bicycles and so on. She wears a brace to protect her leg affected by pseudoarthosis. Her leg is very fragile and even wearing a brace and taking it very easy she recently developed a crack on her bone.
Because of all this we encourage her to play with quiet toys, like dolls, board games, dress up, and tea party stuff that she loves. She also loves books and movies... and fairies.
She is a brave loving little girl.  She is a blessing.
I love to make things for her. She is always so sweet. At the and of the school year she volunteered to sing a song for her Mommy at her school's talent show. It was all her idea. She is a social butterfly, but I was very surprised when she told me about the "surprise".
She sung "The song of the double daisy fairy" from the Flower Fairies Alphabet.
After the talent show she asked me if  I  have liked her performance. I said: Yes sweetie, it was beautiful!  And them she said : I did that "surprise"  because of all the nice things you do for me... and looked at Daddy too and said : both you guys!

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