Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty new things

I don't have any craft pictures to share today.
I am making a list of projects to finish...to see if things really get done.
I have many small sewing projects. Lots and lots of them. And I have many cross stitch projects on my list.
Soon I will share some finishes. 
Today I will share a couple of other things.
We got this picture for Brenda's room just after Christmas.
This is Story time in Galilee by Del Parson.
We got the print and used a frame and mat from Michael's.
I love this print. It is my favorite picture of Jesus with children. So sweet.

The other stuff I have to share are cute cute little cactus from the 99 cents store.
I had some small  bowls I got on clearance at Joann some years ago.
I really had no use for them.

Now they grace my (ugly) counter top as pots for my "pokes".
I will keep them there all year long.
It goes well with all my red stuff.  I got some red small appliances recently and all my red gadgets hang on the wall. It is hard to make an old kitchen look good, but since we plan to stay here for a while, I am doing my best to make this place look better.
Thanks for stopping by!
Ana Paula.

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