Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring and funeral

Here in California spring is almost arriving.
There is a little tree in my courtyard  that looses all its leaves. Spring starts when one day tiny little green leaves appear. Then is like magic...suddenly the little tree is all covered in green. Its a miracle.
These things marvel me. They are not common in my homeland Brazil or even here in Southern California.
I will try to document the transformation this year :)
I got tulips. It is the first time I plant them. They are so perfect and beautiful, and bring me a smile every time I look at them. God's creations are wonderful.
Well, we have being busy.
My husband is the Cub Master at our church troop. We had the blue and gold banquet, and Brenda and I made a cake.
I got the inspiration online and here is our version.
It came out very cute for my bad frosting skills. Sorry about the bad picture. The boys loved the kids on sleeping bags.
They made some other cute cakes with their Moms too.

On the weekend we went to Utah to attend my husband's Grandmother's funeral.
It was cold, cold. Some adventures on the slippery roads.
Grandma was 89 and had a stroke recently. She is resting now.
Brenda liked the snow.
We all enjoyed the beautiful winter wonderland.
So, no time for crafting.
I started on some little things like pillowcases and  repairs yesterday.
I will have some finishes soon, I hope.
Thanks for reading!
Ana Paula.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, Ana. She lived a nice, long life. My dear grandmother also died at age 89 many, many years ago. I still miss her.

    My sons were all in Scouts, so I well remember the blue and gold banquets--your cake looks yummy. And I love the photos of your daughter in the snow :)