Monday, March 21, 2011

Grandma's 90th birthday party

This weekend we celebrated my husband's grandma's 90th birthday.
She lives alone in her own house at a senior's community in Carlsbad California.
She is in pretty good health for her age.

My father-in-law lives  not very far and checks on her all the time and helps  with doctor appointments and other things that she needs.
We had family and friends over for a celebration at her place's clubhouse.
She was happy to see relatives from Northern California, Utah and Texas.
My step-mother-in-law and I were in charge of the food.
I got the fruits and vegetables, and made some "rose cakes".

I love nordicware pans. I used the "Sweetheart rose pan" for these ones.

I used this lemon bundt cake recipe and they turned out delicious.
I used powdered sugar instead of  glaze.
The pan is beautiful and I love it, but let me tell you ... it is a pain to clean up because all the details it has. If you have a good way to clean it, please let me know.

My princess was truly in love with the " little rose cakes".
Maddie (my step-mother-in-law) had lots of yummy food. She is from Tennessee, a real Southern Lady, that's why.

 I wish I had more pictures of her stuff.

She also had a kids table with lots of activities. I tell you, she is good.
 Here is Grandma with her two "kids".

Some of her guests -  ladies from the senior community.

It was a simple party, but it made Grandma very happy.
I used silk violets for centerpieces. I had them from a previous event we did some years ago. I also had the white tablecloths from the same event.
My husband scanned about 200 pictures from grandma's albums for a slide show. He scanned even her wedding invitation.

We had tables with the albums for the guests to look at. A lifetime of memories.
I think it was a sweet celebration. We are all glad that we were able to do it for her.
Thanks for stopping by!

Ana Paula

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  1. What a wonderful party you and your family put together for your husband's grandmother, Ana! Those cakes you made look delicious. It looks like a lovely community that she lives in--just look at all those cards!! And I love the photo of little daughter--such a sweetheart :)