Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July !

Hello! Hope you have a great and safe Fourth of July!
I just want to share my patriotic stuff.  Just little things scattered here and there. Next year I will plan better.
These I have out all year long. I only put them away on Christmas.
Being a double nationality family, (American and Brazilian) we try to have a little display of both countries in our living room. It is on the top of the bookcases. I will show the Brazilian display in the future.
The flag pillow Is from Boyd's and I got it for Christmas some years ago. I just love the little bear
coming out .
This is Mason, a cookie jar also from Boyd's. Of course I never put cookies in it. He is the cutest thing, I love him.

More bears... this time a little family watching the fireworks.
Now, Uncle Sam. I found him last year after Christmas at World Market.
I decided to display him for Fourth of July instead of Christmas.
Now, the last one. She is a sweetie. 
Can you tell how I love Boyd's Bears? I can't resist to something like her.
Brenda loves her too. But she knows she is not supposed to play with Mom's bears.

I truly love my country and I am very proud of being Brazilian. But I chose to live in America and I have an American husband and daughter.
I live here for almost nine years now, and about three years ago I became an American Citizen.
Brazil allows double citizenship. So, I am half - half.
I come a long way. Learning a new language and a new culture it is not easy. I do the best I can.
Sometimes my English is a disaster, I apologize for that.  But I keep going. Practice makes perfect, right?
I try to teach Brenda what I can about Brazil, but I find it very important to teach her to love her country and to know how blessed she is for being born and live here.
Let's celebrate America !

Thanks for stopping by,
Ana Paula.

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  1. Happy 4th of July, Ana Paula! I'm always so impressed by foreign-born citizens who take on the challenge of building a new life in the U.S. Your English is wonderful--I never have trouble understanding your posts or emails. You should be very proud of yourself :)

    Love seeing your red, white, and blue decor--especially that darling bear :) Enjoy your day with your family!