Monday, July 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi! I am so behind on my cross stitching. So many other things going on!
I want to show you today a piece that I made years ago, and found it stored with my summer stuff.
The pattern is from Manequim Ponto Cruz, a Brazilian magazine. There is no indication of the designer, but I sure is an American designer.
The Magazine has the chart for the complete alphabet. I used the letters to spell Home Sweet Home.
I first had it framed, and more recently I made it into a hanging pillow.

Now I need to work on some ornaments and other things.
I just got some new patterns on e-bay.
I was lucky enough to get all the Lizzie Kate Flip it  stamps for a bargain!
Because I am working on other projects,  for now I am not starting these.
Thanks for stopping by!
Ana Paula.

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