Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi! I am so busy around here that only now I am posting some Halloween pictures.
This year Brenda wanted to be Rapunzel. It was my first time sewing a princess costume. I used a Simplicity pattern.
We did a lot this Halloween. We  went to Disneyland.
And to our church's party.
Brenda had the school parade and class party on Halloween morning. Of course she went trick or treating at night.

She had the chance to wear her old witch costume at the school fundraiser party on the Friday before Halloween. I got a picture before we left.

This year our pumpkin was turned into a witch.
With spiders on her hair.
 We had some yummy treats, like this chocolate coffin our friend Jodie and her kids made for us.
How cool was that?

Around Halloween Brenda's best friend was baptized.
I made her a CTR towel. You can see more about CTR towels on this post .

On the weekend after Halloween  we went to the Children's Tumor Foundation's San Diego walk.

It was a fun event ! To learn more about Neurofibromatosis (NF) and how you can help, please click here .
Time goes so fast. I have lots to do before Christmas.
Right now I am working on knitted hats and quilts that will be donated by our church women's group to shelters in our area.
Thanks for stopping by!
 Ana Paula.

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  1. What wonderful Halloween photos, Ana Paula--I can tell from Brenda's smiles what a nice time she had...I'll bet it was fun to see Disneyland all decorated for Halloween :)

    Looks like you had a gorgeous day for your NF walk--hope a lot of money was raised for research and awareness..

    Good luck with all of your Christmas knitting and quilting--I know the recipients of your handwork will feel very special.