Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Update

Has been a while since my last post.
I was just not in the mood for blogging. But life goes on, and life is good.
A couple of days after my last post, a boy from our community took his own life. He was 15 years old. We know the family and it was devastating as you can imagine.
It felt like he was everybody's kid. What a tragedy. Now, after the funeral, things are going back to "normal". For that family  and many other people, life will never be the same. Heavenly Father in his infinite wisdom and compassion will take care of them. We pray that they can find comfort and peace.

So, not much of crafting going on here.
I am starting some projects for Brenda's birthday later this month.
But, I was able to make a little gift for a boy  from our church  that turned 8.
In our faith, the kids are baptized at this age.
I found this cute craft at Rachel Berry's blog. Here is how my first CTR towel turned out.
The lds kids are very familiar with this shield. CTR stands for Choose the right, and is related with a very special day : The baptism day.
Sorry,  I don't have a picture of the towel tied with a bow and the baptism poem, but Rachel has it all on her tutorial.
The boy loved it ! His parents and grandma liked it a lot too.
A sweet little gift and very affordable. I got a nice white towel at Home Goods. I had the blue fabric and other materials at home.
Life is made of both sad and happy moments.
Let's try to  focus on the happy beautiful moments.
Like a lovely foxglove from my little garden patch. Spring is a miracle!
And, when life gets hard, because it gets hard many times, lets remember that we are never alone...
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Ana Paula

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the young boy, Ana. Teenagers often are in so much turmoil and they don't understand that their lives really will get better as time goes on. My oldest son had a friend take his own life when he was in high school and it was just devastating for all.

    Your gift for the little boy celebrating his baptism is wonderful--no wonder he loved it! And I wish little Brenda a very happy birthday later this month. What a nice time of year to be born :)