Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter, Hope, and Neurofibromatosis

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
We had a great time,  just the three of us. The Easter bunny made his visit and gave Brenda candies, coins, a book, and nail polish.
My decor was nearly the same from last year,with very little changes.
While Spring cleaning,  I found an old Easter basket that I made for Brenda when she was almost two years old.
The cute flower buttons were recycled from one of Brenda's baby dresses. I added a bit of felt, ric-rac,  and hand embroidery.  Here are some pictures I took just before Easter.
And here is baby Brenda with the basket in 2006. She got a delicious Brazilian Easter egg that year :)  How I miss the Easter eggs from my country!
I just love these pictures! But that was a difficult Spring for our family.  It was when Brenda broke her leg for the first time.  She had just started walking some months before.  We knew very little about her condition that time,  and were even accused of child abuse.  It was very scary.
Anyways, back to this year.  We had a delicious Easter dinner and appetizers.
Brenda and Daddy made Deviled Egg Chicks from Family Fun and Pinterest .
The green plate was my birthday gift, a set of two.
For dessert I made Brazilian  Pineapple and Cream . So good!
Springtime is so special.  A time of growth and renewal, and Easter is a time of hope and faith for Christians.  We are very different from the Spring of 2006.
It has been quite a ride for us since we found out about Brenda's Neurofibromatosis.
We are more mature now, and have learned a lot about NF.  Our faith has improved over the years.  We have found great doctors and some amazing families that live with NF like us.  It give us hope and support.  Brenda is doing very well.  She is a sweet little girl that has great faith in Jesus Christ, and we are very proud of her.

We are on Spring break this week with lots to do. We are doing Spring cleaning, gardening, a play date,  and going to the movies to see Mirror, Mirror.  I have some projects to share,  but it will be for another post.
Have a wonderful day!

Ana Paula.


  1. oi ana, feliz pascoa pra voce e sua linda familia! fiquei com vontade da sobremesa de abacaxi rsrs beijos para brenda!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely Easter, Ana Paula, and how nice that Miss Brenda received so many goodies from the Easter bunny :) I miss those days now that my sons are grown...

    Your little deviled eggs are adorable--so many cute ideas out on the internet, aren't there? You are lucky to have a little girl to help you cook and create. Loved the photos of her from back in 2006...what a lot you've learned over the past six years. I'm very glad you've met so many helpful doctors and supportive NF families. I'm sure it has made a huge difference in your lives.

    Enjoy your spring break now--I'm sure it is warm and sunny out in California!!

  3. Olá! Que post magnifico, cheio de imagens apetitosas!!!
    Um beijinho,