Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Am Back!

Almost six months! I really needed a break, but it was way too long!
Life has being very busy, so many things going on, but blogging is like a therapy and I need that.

Let's see, where I start? Ok, my last post was in April (!!!!!!!!)
Ok, I have to take a look at my pictures. We had some serious computer problems, and I don't have access to all my pictures at this moment. Anyways, I will try to post what I have.

In June, we had a great event! Miss Brenda turned 8!
In our religion, eight is a very important birthday, because is when kids can choose to be baptized.
So, here is my sweetie.

She was baptized by her Dad on her birthday, a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California.
We are very proud of her, for her faith and desire to follow Jesus Christ. I can't believe that my baby is growing that fast and turning into a lovely  little lady.
I will post some more pictures of the baptism on a next post, but for now, that's it.
I am helping a friend to get ready for some craft shows doing some sewing for her. Lots to finish today!

Have a great weekend!

Ana Paula.



  1. YAY! You're back--I've missed your posts, Ana Paula. Congratulations to Miss Brenda on her special day. She looks so beautiful and I can tell from her big smile how important her baptism day was to her :)

  2. What a blessing, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!