Sunday, February 10, 2013


I finally have a finish!
This is a very small and simple finish, but I always loved this pattern.
It comes from one of my old cross stitch magazines from Brazil, and I believe it was originally from The Cross Stitcher, but I am not sure.

I love the bit of ribbon embroidery mixed with the cross stitch.
I had finished the stitching a while back but could not decide how to finish it. Seems like an eternity since I finished a cross stitch project.
Organizing my stitching stuff other day, I found the little hanger my friend Jodie gave me a couple of years ago, and here you go,I made a tiny mini quilt!
I know, the polka dot fabric was not being nice to of those days. The dots are wonky, but I like it anyways.  And with the cold we are having here in Southern California, daffodils make you think of Spring.  I am starting to work on my little garden already.

Have a wonderful day!

Ana Paula.

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  1. Oh, how beautiful, Ana Paula!! I love the ribbon daffodils mixed with the cross stitch. And your choice of colors to finish your little "quilt" is perfect. The white ric-rak gives it such a fun accent, too :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!