Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures

I love thrift stores! It's so exciting to look around and find something that you love!
I go often to Salvation Army, both for donating stuff and to shop.
Other day, we decided to go to Goodwill, and it was such a good idea.
I really love this cubby shelf from Pottery Barn. It looks so pretty on this picture.

And guess what? I was lucky to find this very similar shelf at Goodwill !!!

Close enough, even with only 20 cubbies. Just $15.00.
I am planning to use it to display cross stitch ornaments and seasonal trinkets, like at the banner on the  Little House Needleworks website.

Looks lovely with Diane's ornaments, don't you think?

And I found more...

I know...this looks so ugly! But I see potential here. My husband can't understand why:)

Much better without  the junk inside.

I also found this, that will be used for a project soon.

My last treasure is this unused muffin pan, with some scratches, but very good quality.
It was a great shopping day!
Now I need to work on some new cross stitch ornaments... have to find the time!
And one last thing:  a picture of  my lovely tulips.

Have a wonderful day!

Ana Paula.


  1. I really like the two shelves you picked up, are you going to paint or refinish them at all? I check out the Goodwill by my house almost every other week, and I always find something i'm excited to take home.

  2. Great finds, Ana Paula--I do love that little cubby shelf so much! What a perfect place to showcase your pretty stitching and, of course, other little goodies you may find at Goodwill. Sure wish I lived closer to one--I love the thrill of the hunt :)