Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring and a Small Finish.


This is just my second post this year! I need do a little  better with my blog.
I have being busy.  We made some changes here at home, moving things around, and it took time.
We also had some unplanned happenings.   Brenda developed a crack on her tibia...  with this, more restrictions for her. She has to take it very easy.
Her leg is so fragile, the poor thing hardly do anything, and these things still happen. It is heartbreaking to see her going through all this. We did all we could to avoid a surgery.
After many prayers, things are improving.
The crack is healing, and she is getting a new brace. Now she uses it even for sleeping, until her doctor tells otherwise.

Even with all these tribulations, she is a happy child, so loving and good, and we do all we can to cheer her up. She got new books, that always keep her busy, and of course, the movie Frozen.
During this time she read Heidi and Pollyanna, among many others. Just lovely books for girls.
Now, a little stitching and some other spring things.
We are decorating for Spring and I made a little cross stitch picture.

The design is by Veronique Enginger, on 28 count linen.
I think she is adorable. I found this little green frame at Michael's that was just the right size.

Now she is one of the items in my cubby shelf.

I just love Spring and Easter decorating! I made this simple bunny silhouette other day.

Very simple, you just paint the bunny on burlap using a stencil, frame it, and glue a pompom for the tail.

And, speaking of bunnies, here is my new Peter Rabbit shadowbox.
I found it at Salvation Army for just over a dollar! Peter is my favorite bunny ever.

Other day I got this bag at the bookstore.  I know it's for kids, but I could not resist. I love it!
That's all for now. I have a pile of laundry waiting for me and I need to work a little on my garden.
It's sunny and we have a cold wind here in Southern California. We also had an earthquake last Friday, a 5.1
So, we are reorganizing our emergency stuff...scary!
Have a good day, and a Happy Spring!

Ana Paula.


  1. I am praying for Brenda. I love your Spring decorating.

  2. The spring Stitch is bright and cherry. Spring decorating is so nice.

  3. Also sending a prayer for Brenda.
    Your stitching looks just wonderful, I love the designer .
    Spring is such a wonderful time of the year , love all your Spring decors .

  4. Oh, dear, I'm so sorry to hear that sweet Brenda has had more problems with her bones... I can tell just by looking at the photos you've posted of her what a darling, brave girl she is, Ana Paula. I'm sure it must be so sad to see her in any pain... Prayers for her are being sent as I write this...

    Love your spring shelf and your newest stitching! And what a nice sight to see my little chick on its egg there, too :) Your bunnies are all wonderful--great find with the Peter Rabbit shadowbox, too.

    Hoping that is the end of the earthquakes for you--I can't imagine how that must feel! Enjoy your spring!!