Friday, June 20, 2014

Handmade Gifts and a New Cross Stitch.


Hope you are enjoying the nice weather!
Here in California is nice and today is the last day of school.
This month started sad with the passing of my husbands  grandmother. She was 93 years old. We are having a memorial for her next weekend.

With the end of the school year, Brenda wanted some gifts for her teachers, so I decided to do something different.
I wanted to make some embroidery framed on hoops, so I got the Book Club Stitchettes pattern set from Wee Wonderfuls.  Here how the little gifts turned out!

Miss Brenda loves them, hope the teachers like it too. I think now I need to make some for Brenda's room ... the designs are so cute!

Brenda just had her 10th birthday, and I made this reading pillow as a gift for her.
The pattern is from  Sew Liberated. 

We love this toadstool fabric! She will use this pillow  a lot this summer.
I also made this little owl bag set in crochet, as an early birthday gift. She wears it so proudly! I think it really turned out cute, besides my poor crochet skills.

I enjoy doing some gardening, even with a tiny space. It's good for the soul! Here are some of our flowers.


And finally, here is my new cross stitch i just started.  Chistmas Rules from Lizzie Kate. I love this pattern and wanted it badly, but it is an expensive one. Months ago, I was able to get a very good deal for the set of patterns on e-bay. I was going to try to stitch it on linen, but because I needed a big piece, I used some aida I already had. As you can see, I always need a magnifier to stitch now.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish it for Christmas.

I was able to get also the Halloween Rules set. I will make it next year.
Have a great weekend, and a wonderful Summer!

Ana Paula.


  1. Wonderful gifts you have made. Lovely garden flowers too.

  2. How nice that you were able to find those cute LK patterns for a good price, Ana Paula--you're off to a great start. And I know Brenda's teachers will love their end-of-the-year gifts :) They are adorable. And how darling that little owl set is--it looks perfect to me. I know nothing about crochet so you're way ahead of me!

    I hope you have a fun and relaxing summer--it will be nice to have Brenda home more now to craft together. Enjoy :)