Monday, November 17, 2014

Things I Made Recently.


I got the worse cold in years, so things are a bit slow here.
But, I am starting to make some progress on my handmade Christmas gifts. I have so many things to do, the cold just messed up everything. But, here you go.

This is Brenda's Frozen blanket. It is one of the top items on her Christmas wish list.
Got the fleece at Joann, with coupons, of course. She is going to love it!
Now I need to work on the Frozen pajamas and the other gifts.

Earlier this month I started to stitch "The Pumpkin Cottage", but lost interest. Suddenly, I don't like the colors I picked, I don't now... it is now is a WIP. We will Fall  I may like it again :)

Another blanket. This one I made for a friend's baby. Cute little dalmatian puppies fabric.

And here is Brenda as Anne of Green Gables at our Church's Halloween party with her Grandpa.
I made her costume, and the the hat with braids Grandpa got for her last year when he went to Prince Edward Island. Super cool, don't you think? She loved being Anne. We have the DVD series, and soon we are going to read the books.
Hopefully I will get better soon and life can be back to normal.
Anyways, just a little post to register the  stuff I made recently.

Have a good week!

Ana Paula.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit under the weather, Ana Paula... It seems like this nasty cold is spreading all across the country! Hope you feel better soon.

    Your blankets turned out so well and I hope the next time you pick up the pumpkin piece you'll like the colors better (I'm going through the same thing with one of my WIPs!)...

    How darling Brenda (or should I say Anne?) looks for Halloween--love the costume!

  2. You are making fantastic progress on gifts despite your cold. I am sorry you don't feel so good.

  3. Those blankets look so cuddly I want to use one right now! You should try to get Pumpkin Cottage finished it doesn't look like there's much left!