Thursday, November 11, 2010

Garage Sale Finds


Today I want to show you something that I found some time ago at a garage sale.
If I remember correctly the lady of the house was going to a assisted living place and her nieces and nephews were there to clean up the house.
I looked around, was already very picked over, but them I spotted a pile of collectible plates covered with dust.
I am a huge Hans Christian Andersen fan.  So... there is no need to say how excited I was to find it.

Everything was very dusty. I started to pick up the plates.
I saw some vintage crochet doilies and a tablecloth.
They told me that I could have all 10 plates for 10 dollars...I asked about the crochet stuff and all was included on the deal. Nice!

I feel sorry for someone that collected these plates for all those years...she loved them, I am sure. I always think how sad is when you get old or you die and your family sell your treasures . These are my favorites.
 The little Mermaid

The little match girl. It is my favorite Andersen story.
I love this one too. I love all of them.
Looks like this plates were made until 1999. About 30 plates. I believe the 10 plates I got are from the first year they were made.
Now the crochet. I gave them a good soak.
The tablecloth has some holes, but the doilies are in good condition.
I will probably cut parts of the tablecloth to use in some Shabby Chic sewing projects.
Not bad for 10 dollars! What do you think?


  1. Great plate collection! I love that blue style. You are so lucky. :)

  2. Love the blue plates. I'm your newest follower!

  3. P.S. I found your blog on Homemaker on a Dime.