Friday, November 12, 2010

Recycled denim backpack

As I promised, here is one more handmade Christmas idea.
Usually when my daughter's clothes don't fit her anymore, I donate to charity or give to a friend.
But, there are some stuff that I just can't do it.
So, sometimes to put it to good use. How? Making something new! Recycling!
Here is an example.
I had a cute denim baby dress that Brenda wore just a few times. Too cute to get rid of!
I am a teddy bear maniac, and this little cutie is so adorable...I had to save her somehow.
I got some scraps of flannel from Brenda's baby quilt.
She loves bags to carry her things. So, I made her a backpack.
The dress was very small, I had to be creative putting the pieces of fabric together.
I used some crazy quilting embroidery stitches. I had fun making this!
As you can see, I used the material from a tiny baby dress and flannel scraps the best I could.
The pattern is very simple, A drawstring bag  as a backpack.
Brenda loves it. She can carry a little snack , toys or a book.
My suggestion is to make something similar as a gift bag this Christmas.

I plan to make Brenda a new one and put a book and some little treats inside.
That's my idea for a fabric gift bag. A green gift bag that can be used long after Christmas.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope this can inspire you as many of you talented ladies inspire me.

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  1. What a sweet way to recycle and still retain the memories of your daughter's clothes, Ana! The little backpack is charming :)