Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crochet Fabric Basket

When you have very limited storage space, you need to get creative.
I got a nice big basket for our board games at Home Goods. The problem was that it was not enough.
I needed one more basket to contain our ever growing collection , but the prices of big baskets are outrageous.
About a year ago someone gave me a big amount of craft supplies from a state. It included tons of scraps.
Most of the fabric I had no use for, until I had an idea... to make a basket.
So, I cut  long strips of fabric two inches wide.
I folded the the borders, so it would make a "clean" basket. If you want a ragged looking basket, skip this part.
I  made balls as I was folding. I think if I make another project like this one, I will sew the pieces together.
This time I just tied. With the big pieces of fabric I just left about an inch or two on each side making a long strip.
I am sorry, I have trouble expressing myself in English sometimes.
You can see this step here .
Anyways, I started to make the basket. Let me tell you, I am not a crochet expert. I had to call my Mom in Brazil.  Here is how it looked like after working a while.
And a little bit more.
It is pretty cool to crochet with fabric. Goes fast! :)
The boring part is to cut all those strips.
As I said before I am not good on crochet. I had some trouble shaping the basket, but at the end was not so bad!
I like the colors and the texture.
I am happy that I could use part of the scraps, and make it into something useful for my home.
It was really a fun project!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ana Paula.


  1. Gostei da cesta, ficou bem original, mas fazer crochet com tecido não doi a mão?

  2. What a cute crocheted basket. Love it! Great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I so appreciate it. Hope you will come back often and leave a comment so I know you have been there. Hugs to you, Karie

  3. Ana, I'm so impressed with all the projects you linked up :) I didn't know that you have a lot of those! Keep them coming, ok? :)

  4. Such a fun and useful basket! And a great way to use up all of those scraps :)