Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brenda's Cooking Class.

Last Christmas, Brenda got a cool cookbook from Santa:  Kids in the kitchen by Gooseberry Patch. It is a very cute cookbook with lots of easy recipes and even things like homemade face paint , bubbles and dog biscuits.
She can't  really do sports or other physical activities because of medical restrictions due to her Neurofibromatosis / Pseudoarthrosis. We are planning other after school activities for her in the near future, but for now I decided to have a "class" with her every Tuesday when Dad goes to Cub Scouts.
So, every week we pick something new to do. Most of the time it is a little craft, and we always have a little treat at the end, like cookies or ice cream. Sometimes we cook something, and eat our creation.
She really looks forward for the classes, and calls it girl's time.
So, some weeks ago I told her she could pick any recipe from her cookbook.
The day before the class we went grocery shopping and she picked all the ingredients she needed.
You can see how happy she was making the recipe she picked:  Cups of dirty with worms.
Please excuse my mess. I had bags of fabric all over and the sewing machine on the table.
Happens when you live in a small place.
But, we had a great time and had lots of dirt to eat! :)
Thanks for stopping by !
Ana Paula.

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  1. What a fun time for you and Brenda to share--I'm sure you both look forward to your Tuesday evening time... And that is one kind of dirt and worms I would be happy to eat :)