Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring wrap-up

With Brenda's birthday just around the corner, it's time to think about summer.  Her birthday is around when summer starts. Not too hot, not rainy... she will always have a beautiful day. Brenda is a lucky girl.
So, I will share some spring stuff that I had not posted before.
First, my birthday cake and my birthday flowers.
I made this rose cake using a bundt  chocolate cake mix and it was delicious!
The cake  pan I used is from Nordicware. The flowers were very pretty.
Another cake. It is our annual Easter bunny cake. Brenda has to make it every year.
It is a tradition.

You can find the recipe here .

Around Easter we had a tea party . We invited a couple of Brenda's friends and asked them to bring a doll.
The dolls had their own table.
Here are American Girl  Felicity and Laura Ingalls waiting for their guests.
They had  treats and the table was set with china and real flowers.
Brenda and her friends had a pretty table too. I made some Easter basket cupcakes.
Here is Brenda waiting for her guests. 
Another view of the table. Simple, but cute.
Before eating they watched a Strawberry Shortcake  tea party  manners movie.
They did their best to act like little ladies at the table. They had a fun time!
I forgot to take a picture of the party favors.  Easter candies, bubbles, and a  chocolate Peter Rabbit  inside a mini Easter basket.
We are having a good time this Spring, but it is almost over. School will be out at the 24th and start again in September. We are planning some fun stuff to do around here.
Keeping an only child occupied during summer is a bit of a challenge sometimes, but we do our best.
Have a good end of spring!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ana Paula.


  1. Your little Brenda is such a cutie, Ana! And no wonder she always has that big smile on her fact with all the fun things you plan for her and her friends :)