Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Christmas update and a blog party!

I know it is the end of January, but I forgot to show off this little elf that I made with the kids at my daughter's class.
I got the idea here . I made some changes to use what I had on hand.
I had wood beads with only one hole. So, I made the hat complete with jingle bell and hanger and glued on the bead.  I made little kits for the kids using  ziploc bags. They had the heads, pipe cleaners, pony beads, a big wooden bead for the body and a pre cut felt scarf.
They only had to thread the beads, fold the ends of the pipe cleaners and put the scarf on the little guy.
The kids followed the directions pretty well. We had other Moms helping at the class. The kids loved it!

Anyways, no more Christmas for now. Now the blog party!
SJ, at The Homemaker on a dime is hosting a great party to help you to get more followers and make new friends. She is a pretty cool gal, and very clever. I can say that because I know her personally. :)
Please check it out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ana Paula

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  1. Thanks for linking in, Ana! That's a cute little elf that I'm sure will be fab during this year's Christmas :)