Monday, January 3, 2011

Laura Ingalls Wilder doll

Hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year celebration.
We stayed home for Christmas and after opening the gifts Santa left, we went to Grandma's here in town to open more presents. For New Year's we went to San Diego.
Anyways, here is the last handmade gift I made this Christmas.
Brenda told me that she wanted a Laura doll.
I am a Laura fan. I read all her books in Portuguese in Brazil when I was a little girl.
Brenda has been getting the My First Little Books for Christmas and birthdays since she was three, and  just loves them.
So, I decided to make her Laura doll. After looking around a lot, that's what I came up with.
It was quite a challenge for me. My eyes are not the same they used to be.
I had never stitched over one thread. But, here she is.
Yes, she has no shoes. The pattern I used had no shoes. I could not find a pattern that fits her. Still working on it.
The cross stitch patterns for the doll's face is from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts March / April 1987.
The magazine only offers the cross stitch pattern. I used a pattern I got at Joann's for the doll's body and head..
The apron and bonnet pattern are from another source. The fabric for the dress is from Lakehouse Dry Goods.
I think her face is beautiful. I am very happy with the whole project. It was a work of love. I love Laura , and making this doll for Brenda was such a pleasure. My sweetie deserves it.
She was waiting Brenda under the tree on Christmas morning sitting on a little chair I got at Salvation Army.
My Christmas morning pictures did not came out very good. Many blurry ones.
This one is from Christmas Eve. Brenda loves dolls. She also wanted the Disney's Rapunzel doll. Santa took care of it.

Tonight I got this picture of Brenda on her Christmas Pjs.

Now, I can't wait to starting reading the "real" Laura books with my cutie. It will be so much fun!
Thanks for reading my blog.

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